Day 285 - Retro Strips

Day 280 - Sunny Geometry

Day 278 - Lemon

Day 276 - Peach

Day 262 - Sportive

Day 261 - Life Is Great

Day 260 - Blue tints

Day 259 - Ray

Day 258 - Delicate comfort

Day 248 - Fan

Day 236 - Rigor

Day 232 - Braids

Day 231 - Mustard

Day 221 - Colorful sticks

Day 218 - Geometry

Day 213 - Wavy

Day 210 - Sweet

Day 206 - Smile

Day 203 - Infinity

Day 202 - Summer


Natalia Kolodiazhna

Welcome to the home of unique pattern art, to a cozy corner of sophisticated hand lettering and pretty designs. Yes, it's all about my creative blog. I'm so happy you are here.

I'm a surface designer who creates standout patterns that let the businesses to express their uniqueness and help bright people shine in everyday life.

I do believe you will find a lot of inspiration on this art blog. So, grab your screen closer and have a look around.

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