Lovely flowers: Behind The Scenes

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Drawing of camellia flower by Natalia Kolodiazha

One winter Sunday or Tuesday night (really it doesn't matter) I've got strong desire to draw. It wasn't an ordinary desire to make sketches with simple graphite pencil, it was something more. I wanted color! Many colors. So, that evening, after some time of passionate hardworking, I've got two such nice camellia flower drawings. Yeyy! I was happy with myself.

Drawing of nice and soft camellia flower by Natalia Kolodiazha

Since that exact moment my big difficulties had started. I wanted to create a floral pattern with these flowers, but I had no idea how to trace my drawings in vector in the easier and proper way. Every single try to do it got a failure. Haha, there was no magic tool for making gorgeous art on PC with one click :-)

After a while I took the only way I know- started redraw flowers using my graphic tablet and vector program. Yes, I'm a fan of vector illustrations and aim to create clean art. So I've spent another couple of hours to redraw my flowers. And this time I was doubly happy with myself! Because I've got amazing art! Despite the fact that I spent twice as much time. 
Gorgeous floral motif with camellia flowers by Natalia Kolodiazhna

What have this story taught me? One simple truth - if you want your traced art has unique watercolor or pencil feeling, draw it in your sketchbook using all drawing supplies you have. And if you want it looks like clean vector, draw it in your favorite vector program and use simple hand-drawn sketch.

Well, it was a small note for me. However, if you struggle with the same issue, I hope this story will help you make the right decision with your artwork. By the way, here is my lovely pattern with these epic camellia flowers :-)

Floral pattern with camellia flower by Natalia Kolodiazhna

Be happy,

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