Friday, October 27, 2017

#DayToDayNote is the list of small life lessons by Natalia Kolodiazna

Our life is an incredible adventure, do you agree? It is filled with an endless amount of lessons, tips and tricks that have to be learned every single day. While we are young, we need to have courage, confidence and self-awareness to learn those lessons and apply them in our life in order to make it much better and happier.

#DayToDayNote is the list of a small lessons that come to me from great books or movies, some of them are passed from my friends, others one - from my life and work. I just want to remember these notes of life wisdom and learn them.

The #DayToDayNote list is constantly updated with new lessons, tips or hacks. And I'm happy to share it with you and hope you find some helpful for you. Stay in the loop!

#20    Sometimes all you need is the reading favorite book or eating yummy ice-cream.
#19    Never-ever refresh Facebook page before sending a huge comment on someone's wall. After refreshing the text will disappear forever.
#18    Be yourself. It's the best part.
#17    Forgiveness is one of the primary keys to happiness.
#16    Don't give up on exercises. It's hard, but it's worth that.
#15    At least once a year, go somewhere you've never been before.
#14    Practice, practice and practice. And you will get a truly magnificent masterpiece.
#13    Read every day. It clears your mind.
#12    Your health is your life. Don't forget to get an annual physical check-up.
#11    When they say it's 70% chance of rain, no doubts, take an umbrella with you.
#10    When you get a fresh nail polish… Emm, be careful with dressing up because we want a manicure last longer. Don't we?
#9    Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's an experience.
#8    If you have a cool idea in your mind, write it down immediately. Otherwise, it will fly away forever.
#7    Enjoy dancing.
#6    It's hard to figure out which bridges to cross and which to burn.
#5    Keep your desk clean and organized. It is a key to being productive.
#4    Staying hydrated is important. Try to drink enough water.
#3    Wake up earlier. You will have more time for morning exercises, family and loved ones.
#2    Smile as often as you can. Maybe it won't solve all your problems, but it will definitely make your mood better.
#1    Believe in yourself. You are your own power. 

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