Collaboration with Wonder_Map

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Amazing creative map for kids room | Wonder_Map | by Natalia Kolodiazhna

I've had an amazing dream for several years — I wanted to make the world a little bit better place. And now when 2017 is on our calendar, my dream partly come true! I do make our world more gorgeous.... by designing creative world maps. Yes, big adventure starts with a small step.

Let me introduce a new project which I'm designing for — Wonder_Map. It's a cozy place on the net where you can find incredible wallpapers with creative world maps. You can decorate your nursery, favorite living room or lovely art studio with these creations. And the greatest thing is that you are allowed to freely set your own size and colors for almost every map. Cool, isn't it?

Well, more info you can find here. Friendly founders will answer all your questions there and help you make the right choice. What about me? I'm going to generate new ideas for Wonder_Map :-)

Be awesome,

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