April's 9 patterns: It's time to fall in love again

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's 9 patterns - It's time to fall in love again. For "Daily Crazy Pattern" project

I think April is the best time of the year! When you go outside you see the gorgeous and amazing blossom trees. And you are getting pleasure just because you can watch all the beauty of the nature.

Then you start to realize that you feel the best flavor in the world (of course, if you aren't allergic) – blossom fragrance. Exactly at this moment, one little, warm and lovely thought comes in your mind – the world is much better and more beautiful right now, you are a better now. And you start singing, smiling and getting ready to make gifts or surprises for your loved ones. You are wishing to fall in love with your partner again. You are going to fall in love with your business or hobby again. You are just happy.

With happiness in my soul and butterflies in my tummy, I was picking up romantic and delicate patterns for today's post.  May these designs spark the romance in your life!


Something interesting happens here too:

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