Daily Crazy Pattern – Let's start this!

Monday, November 16, 2015

"Daily Crazy Pattern" project

Since today I open a personal project - Daily Crazy Pattern. I'm going to create and publish here a pattern every day for next year. It is so exciting!

I start this because I want to try my hand in the daily practice of creating such images.

Also, I have a desire to check out how much will my skills be increased, if I will have some time every day dedicated to this stuff.

I chose online report in my blog for strong motivation. It will definitely help me not to give up.

It is going to be really interesting and inspiring challenge, so I hope someone else will get joy as much as I will.   

At the very end: I think you wonder - why did I call the pattern "crazy"?
Frankly, I do not know – it just came to mind. If we think well - every ornament has repetition of elements and it looks organized. But it also looks a bit crazy or insane at the same time, isn't it?

Okay. Less words, more action. Let's start this!

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