It could be the awesome first blog post

Monday, October 05, 2015

Hi, I'm Natalia - surface pattern designer and lover of awesome art. I'm starting something huge now - my design blog. It's so exciting and my hands are trembling now, while I'm typing this line (thanks Universe, nobody can't see this, it looks quite awkward :-D ).

Anyway, let's back to my blog and reasons why I create it. The main purpose I just want to share with everyone my work. Tada! So obvious! :-) Though seriously, it's really important for me to know other's opinion about my designs. It will definitely make me a better artist. Another reason is inspiration. It will be so great if some of you will find inspiration on the pages of this blog. It would be an honor for me. Also, I hope we will be able to become good friends. I'm very cheerful and kind person. I swear!

Look, I slightly took you to the last topic which I want to cover today. Promises. To give or not to give it? Ok. Let's see, I don't promise that I will post something here every single day. Yes, life is so unfair! :-) I don't guarantee that each design will be a masterpiece (like Leonardo da Vinci's art is). Anyhow, I DO promise that every picture, every design here will be made with my love and I will put a lot of effort to make this blog a cozy and lovely place of creative stuff. However, I need the help of my future readers, only with you, guys, I will grow this small (for now) blog into big, welcoming and friendly place. So, join me! It seems, it's going to be fun!

P.S.: It could be the awesome first blog post here, but it became a great welcome word to the whole world. By the way, I'm a very modest person. Did I tell you? :-)

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